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We emphasize the highest quality of the tools. By optimal use of our machinery capacity, as well as automation and digitalization of the whole Kaňák Group.

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Packaging producers have been relying on our tools since 1991. Quality is the fundamental condition to build long term co-operation and trust.

Kaňák Group is one of the selected certified and leading European die cutting tools producers in the industry.

3 reasons why co-operation with us
is beneficial for you

Increasing your performance

The best choice of the used material and high-quality processing as well as thoughtfulness of even the smallest details of the die cutting tools will increase the performance of your machines to the maximum.

Personalized and customer-oriented solutions

Thanks to our numerous experience, an individual solution according to your needs is a standard for us, not an exception! We will set standards together, which will enable to increase your productivity.

We speed up and simplify work

We neither go around in circles, nor we stand still. We continuously invest in new technologies and pass this development on to you. We do not leave your operators in the lurch, on the contrary, your machinists will appreciate our services.

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"During my time in business, I have understood how important it is to have quality and, most importantly, satisfied employees."

Vladislav Polášek, CEO

Case study

We are Bobst® certified

We took the BOBST® certification project as a challenge to increase our productivity. In 2020 we managed to successfully obtain a certificate for solid cardboard. We achieved another certification for die cutting tools in the field of corrugated cardboard in June 2022.

"The delivered tool more than met our expectations. The processing and fitting of the rules was at the highest quality level. This allowed us to minimize make-ready time and easily achieve a continuous maximum machine speed of 7,000 sheets per hour. Great result, congratulations!"

Cyril Doriot, Bobst®

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Our quality priority focuses not only on cutting but also on steps that follow such as gluing and folding!

We were challenged to optimize the quality of packaging scoring and thereby significantly improve the subsequent packaging folding and gluing processes, and in this manner, we brought an individual solution to our customer. Thanks to the designed counterpart with a negative bend, we managed to meet all the requirements for precise gluing of the package, its subsequent simple folding, prevention of unwanted nick marks and elimination of cardboard cracking.

"Thanks to the proposed solution, we were able to improve the quality of the packaging, which met the very high expectations of our major customer."

Václav Beran, Mondi

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21% machine speed increase!

Cardbox Packaging s.r.o. and joint development of a new product. "Paper spoon", a new sustainable product, to replace a well-known plastic spoon. Thanks to joint efforts and exceptional co-operation, a unique product exceeding customer’s expectations has been created.

Unique blanking system had completely eliminated the cumbersome manual waste separation. Machine speed was increased by 21%.

"Kaňák Group always searches for new solutions. A new perspective often challenges established habits. New process techniques bring new positive standards. This partner turned out to be the best choice for us, and it even exceeded our expectations. Thank you for such great cooperation!"

Libor Miloševský, Cardbox Packaging s.r.o.

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